Splendor of the Father

The Diocese of Salt Lake City is very grateful to the following for their participation in the Bishop's Leadership Society at the level of the SPLENDOR OF THE FATHER. This supreme gift, which constitutes our salvation, underscores the splendor of our loving Father who loves us so much that he did not shrink from making such a supreme sacrifice. Your generosity is a reminder of the sacrifices we are all called to make in order to build up the Body of Christ and to announce the Good News to all the world.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Boland
  • Dr. John Shale
  • Mr. and Mrs Raucci
  • Mr. and Mrs. Widmer
  • Mrs. Linda A. DesBarres
  • Mrs. Alice Harte
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harold McNee
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Zmyslo