Reasons to Give

People give of their time, talent and treasure for a variety of reasons. Please consider the six reasons we ought to give listed below:

  • We give to express our love of God in a concrete way.
  • We give to insure that we never forget that everything we have comes from God.
  • We give to express our gratitude to God.
  • We give as a deterrent against the vice of greed.
  • We give to support the work of God through the life of the Church.
  • We give because He gave.

If we put these reasons together and act upon them honestly then giving will come naturally to us and be an act of worship rather than an obligation. Then whether we give the widow’s mite or the millionaire’s estate, God will be pleased and Christ will be glorified through our giving.

DDD in Action (download):

2017 Bulletin Insert-English

2017 Bulletin Insert-Spanish


Because of your faithful stewardship, the Diocesan Development Drive touches the lives of many people throughout the State of Utah. Ministries, programs and services, funded through the annual appeal, care for the pastoral needs of Utah families, their children and the many others who seek assistance.

Purpose of the Diocesan Development Drive

The Diocesan Development Drive is a parish-based diocesan appeal designated for operating funds for diocesan ministries. All gifts are restricted to support only the following. Click on any of the ministries, programs and services below to see how your gift is being used throughout Utah.

Archives of the Catholic Church in Utah
Catholic Community Services
Diaconate Formation
Organizations of Catholic Women
Marriage Tribunal
Financial Services
Community Peace and Justice Commission
Government and Community Relations
Hispanic Ministry
Hospital Ministry
Human Resources
Lay Ecclesial Ministry Formation
Marriage and Family Life
Ministries to Ethnic Minorities
Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery

Liturgical Training
Chancery Office
Pastoral Administration
Persons with Disabilities
Permanent Diaconate
Prison and Detention Ministry
Religious Education
Rural Mission Outreach
Safe Environment Program
Stewardship, Our Way of Life
Utah Catholic Schools
Youth and Young Adult Ministry