Why I Give

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I give to support a new generation of priests. This year, I have 2 cousins who have been called. Jean-Baptiste, age 18, has entered a monestary where he went to boarding school in France. Francois-Xavier, age 23, has entered an institute of canonical law in Italy. I am very proud of both of them and make a double donation to support new priests locally.

Strike|St. Mary of the Assumption Parish
Posted 4:51 PM Sep 25

We give because God has blessed us in abundance and we feel the call to support our Diocese on the important work of evangalization and services for those in need. Praise be and Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Hugo Rueda|St. Joseph the Worker Parish
Posted 10:07 PM Mar 26

My father, Orlando, was the DDD chairman for a number of years in Roosevelt, Utah at St. Helen Catholic Church. He taught by example to give to the DDD each and every year. Giving was important. The amount was not. So to this day I give and support the DDD. I would like to think he is smiling down from Heaven with an approving nod. 

God bless all.

Mark and Kaye Rachele-Flanery|St. Thomas More Parish
Posted 12:32 AM Mar 4

Giving is our responsibility. It is necessary to support the services that the Church offers in order to provide appropriate help to those that are in need. We are grateful for all we have and want individuals less fortunate to be able to have basic necessities of life. 

Ron and Lucy Termunde|St. Vincent de Paul Parish
Posted 12:17 PM Oct 4

Because the need is so overwhelming these days.  And I trust the Church to render assistance in the most effective - and understanding manner - possible.  The Church understands that the best way to get people back on their feet is through support, encouragement, and hope.  I hope you never know what I really mean by that, but if you do it is because you've been there too...at some point in your journey.

Omar Guevara|St. Joseph Parish - Ogden
Posted 2:35 PM Sep 30

Because it is my duty to help people who need it the most.  Porque es mi obligación ayudar a las personas que más lo necesitan.  Because I trust the Church and it needs donations to spread goodness all around the world.  Porque confío en la Iglesia y ella necesita donaciones para repartir bondad por todo el mundo.  Because my grandmother taught me to give according to my possibilities.  Porque mi abuelita me enseñó a dar de acuerdo a mis posibilidades.

Yenori Forsyth|St. George Parish
Posted 4:05 PM Sep 29

I feel that in a very small way I can help others who are in need and I believe in the diverse services that the program provides aid to.

Claire Gaylord|St. Vincent de Paul Parish
Posted 8:53 PM Aug 11

I give to DDD each year because I am so grateful to God for the gift of faith, and for the enriching parish community I was given when I was called back to the church.  In this mission diocese, I hope everyone has the same opportunities to explore their faith and practice their faith as I did in Park City.  I have been given much. I want to joyfully and lovingly give back to God through opportunities like this.  And I pray for all of us, especially our shepherds who faithfully guide us each day.

Mary Gesicki|St. Mary of the Assumption Parish
Posted 5:48 PM Aug 3

We contributed to the DDD because we are so blessed.

The Lord is amazing and we want to give back and thank him.

Maggie and Jim Lancy|St. George Parish
Posted 9:37 AM Apr 20

The World today needs faith and spiritualism. THe Parish is one of the key motor in promoting faith and guiding us to the Lord. Giving to the Parish is contributing to the spiritual development of the christian community in particular and the public in general!

William NANA FABU|St. Francis Xavier Parish
Posted 7:31 PM Apr 11