Why I Give

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We give to the DDD to share what we have for the many ministries that it helps. To share in a small way some of the many programs we have received over the years, knowing that by helping  the Catholic Church we will help fill the needs of the state of Utah.

FRANK CAROLE BERNAL|St. Joseph Parish - Ogden
Posted 11:41 PM Apr 6
I give because there are others who have so much less than I do.
Juanita Miller|Notre Dame de Lourdes Parish
Posted 4:29 PM Apr 6

We give to help support all the important and wonderful programs provided by the Catholic Church in Utah and elsewhere. 

When asked to serve or support I always try to remember a quote by a notable whose name excapes me:

"If not me, then who and if not now, when?"

It quells the feeble excuses that immediately come to mind when asked to do something.


Michael, Rise, Devin Turner|St. John the Baptist Parish
Posted 11:20 AM Mar 26

I give because it supports our Diocese.  I really enjoy Rev Msgr Bircumshaw and Deacon Flaim who are the best "team" I have ever seen.  I love them.  As I understand it, part of this funding goes towards their continued training. It is a priviledge for me to support our Catholic Diocese.

Mark H. Bryant|St. Ann Parish
Posted 11:13 AM Mar 25

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light. The Catholic Church best promotes, protects and defends Jesus, Our Lord.  That's why we give to the DDD.

Jack and Taffy Hale|St. Vincent de Paul Parish
Posted 10:37 PM Mar 24

I give because the DDD helps to educate Deacons that are sorely needed here in southernmost Utah.  Without their help and care here in the mission parish of St. Christopher's in Kanab, we would really be hurting.  We need more help to keep our Catholic services, our rituals, our holy days alive and celebrated on the right day.  God bless those who serve the Catholic community.  

Lenny Domyan|St. Christopher Parish
Posted 4:22 PM Mar 22

I give because God gave me this wonderful new beginning when he sent me my wonderful husband 12 years ago. I would not have the peace in my heart that I have now. I talk to God daily as He brings me peace of mind when I can't understand why things happen the way they do. He brought me my crazy wonderful father in law to teach me all about the Catholic Church and what it stands for. We give because we want others to be able to know the wonderful life he has given us. We want to pass on how God can enrich your life and bring happiness to you.

Mike & Dana Doro|St. Ann Parish
Posted 1:10 PM Mar 21

I give in support of the great things Father Andrew has brought to the parish and J.E. Cosgriff School.  He is amazing with the kids and makes everyone feel part of a great community.  He is a real blessing!

Linda Holyoak|St. Ambrose Parish
Posted 4:13 PM Mar 19

We give to the DDD because we love our community. St. Ambrose and Father Andrzej are an integral part of our lives. Our kids go to school at Cosgriff and we worship at St. Ambrose. Our community is a place where our kids feel safe and happy and that everyone knows their names. Father Andrzej is not only a teacher and guide, he is also our friend. There is nothing better than to feel that we are raising our kids in a place that helps guide them spiritually as well as educationally. As a bonus, it's a pretty fun place to be.

Robin & Buff Harmston|St. Ambrose Parish
Posted 12:34 PM Mar 18

You have to give to receive I have learned over the years. I know the money is well to do for us and others. Thank you BISHOP and PRIEST, SISTERS, DEACONS, ETC. for giving 100% for our mission with JESUS CHRIST. May our LORD and SAVIOR CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND US ALL.  AMEN

Larry & Maria Martinez|St. Patrick Parish - SLC
Posted 10:33 AM Mar 17