Why I Give

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My husband and I give because we love God. We both believe the programs provided are what our Catholic church can do to better the lives of those in need.  We hope to be a part of what makes our church family, and our faith, grow stronger.  This is a great opportunity, especially in these hard times.  Peace of the Lord be with you!

James and Kristi Dudleston|St. Ann Parish
Posted 5:15 PM Feb 26

In one of his recent homilies, our Pastor Fr. Cummins described how we can use the principle of J-O-Y to help us live out the priorities of our faith.  J represents Jesus; O represents others; and Y stands for yourself. By giving to the DDD, we are able to truly follow these priorities and make them a reality for our Catholic church in Utah.

Mr and Mrs Brian Rague|St. Florence Mission
Posted 9:28 PM Feb 19

I am most inspired to give in support of the missions.  I can't imagine the chorus of joy that echoes throughout Heaven for every person who is newly baptised into our Lord.  And all the more so each time one of His children receives the Eucharist.  I hope that some day all of the missions will have their own full time priest.  God Bless!

Adam Barb|Holy Family Parish
Posted 7:41 PM Feb 18

We are members of Saint Paul Catholic Center and hope our prayers and contributions will some day bring us a Priest.  Father Martin and Father Tai from Saint George Catholic Church have urged us to donate so we can provide funds to recruit and educate more Priests.  DDD provides for many programs through Bishop Wester's leadership. It is a privilege to donate and support the annual drive!

Earl and Mickie Bond|St. Paul Catholic Center
Posted 2:20 PM Feb 15

Our Gift to the Salt Lake Diocese through the DDD is intended to help provide the necessary support and resources for Bishop Wester to accomplish his good works in our communities. 

Ken and Laura Kelter|St. John the Baptist Parish
Posted 3:24 PM Feb 14

I give because it is the right thing to do.  It is the Christian way to take care of the community in all of its needs to the best of one's ability.  "To whom much is given, much is expected." Giving to the DDD drive is one expression of a faith trying to be fully lived.  The contribution goes much farther over many agencies and I truly believe this is an effective way to reach God's people who are in need.

Sharon Butler|St. Vincent de Paul Parish
Posted 12:55 PM Feb 13

Our Lord has blessed us with good health, kept us out of harms way, and has provided us the courage and will power to give funds for the poor (especially the children) and the religious.  God Bless You.

Alvin Joseph Jellema|Holy Family Parish
Posted 1:00 PM Feb 8

We give so the church has the funds to act as the Body of Christ in caring for the needy.  

Michael & Paula Smith|St. Rose of Lima Parish
Posted 2:30 PM Feb 7

Our church is a mission church and, without the help of the DDD, we would have had to close our doors a long time ago.

I recently read that God cannot be outdone in generosity and I find that very true in my own life.  He has given me so much more than I have given Him.

Judy Krouskop|St. Joseph Parish - Monticello
Posted 4:43 PM Feb 6

I have been giving to the DDD since the beginning, I remember the first year it started I belonged  St. Josephs in Ogden. We all started out in the morning in our own cars with a list and hit all listed and non listed parishiners in the Ogden area. It really made me feel good and I remember going into households that you knew they really could not afford to give much but they did even though it was a sacrifice to do so. 

Ray Bertoldi Sr.|St. Rose of Lima Parish
Posted 3:09 PM Feb 6