Why I Give

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We give to help sustain all the good works of the Diocese; and especially to help Christ the King clergy minister to Missions they're responsible for.

Tim and Denise Richards|Christ the King Parish
Posted 5:43 PM Jan 29

We didn't have to ponder long on "why we give" . . .  we give to give back.  God has blessed us abundantly . . . with our faith, our family, our friends, and our parish community at St. Olaf's.  We are grateful to God, and we give back to God by giving to the needs of his people.  One of the best ways we have found to do this is through our donation to the Diocesan Development Drive. 

Ralph and Kathy Carson|St. Olaf Parish
Posted 11:32 PM Jan 27

When I first married in 1957, I started putting envelopes in the collection. We were financially challenged, but I always felt that if I gave what I could to our Lord, He would help me find a way to keep things paid. We both worked to support our family. We were able to put three children all the way through school (Catholic) and a 4th for 8 years. He wanted to play football, so we let him as long as he kept his grades up and went to Catechism. When the DDD came along, Jim and I felt an obligation to support those programs as well. It was our way of protecting the church and helping her grow in Utah. I still feel that obligation. Not that I am alone, God has helped me to find ways to supplement my retirement (big job for Him). God bless you and all you do.

Carol Ann Imhoff|Holy Family Parish
Posted 5:43 PM Jan 10

I want to say thank you to the priests. When you give, the money seems to increase in your own income. True happiness comes from within by doing the right thing.

Colleen Carter|St. Patrick Parish - SLC
Posted 4:10 PM Jan 4

Our belief leads us to give what we can, when we can. We are driven through the love of Christ and the hope that our beliefs are spread through the gift of giving.

Denny and Patricia Valberg|St. James the Just Parish
Posted 4:09 PM Jan 4