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I give to support a new generation of priests. This year, I have 2 cousins who have been called. Jean-Baptiste, age 18, has entered a monestary where he went to boarding school in France. Francois-Xavier, age 23, has entered an institute of canonical law in Italy. I am very proud of both of them and make a double donation to support new priests locally.

Strike|St. Mary of the Assumption Parish
Posted 4:51 PM Sep 25

We give because God has blessed us in abundance and we feel the call to support our Diocese on the important work of evangalization and services for those in need. Praise be and Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Hugo Rueda|St. Joseph the Worker Parish
Posted 10:07 PM Mar 26

My father, Orlando, was the DDD chairman for a number of years in Roosevelt, Utah at St. Helen Catholic Church. He taught by example to give to the DDD each and every year. Giving was important. The amount was not. So to this day I give and support the DDD. I would like to think he is smiling down from Heaven with an approving nod. 

God bless all.

Mark and Kaye Rachele-Flanery|St. Thomas More Parish
Posted 12:32 AM Mar 4

Giving is our responsibility. It is necessary to support the services that the Church offers in order to provide appropriate help to those that are in need. We are grateful for all we have and want individuals less fortunate to be able to have basic necessities of life. 

Ron and Lucy Termunde|St. Vincent de Paul Parish
Posted 12:17 PM Oct 4

Because the need is so overwhelming these days.  And I trust the Church to render assistance in the most effective - and understanding manner - possible.  The Church understands that the best way to get people back on their feet is through support, encouragement, and hope.  I hope you never know what I really mean by that, but if you do it is because you've been there too...at some point in your journey.

Omar Guevara|St. Joseph Parish - Ogden
Posted 2:35 PM Sep 30

Because it is my duty to help people who need it the most.  Porque es mi obligación ayudar a las personas que más lo necesitan.  Because I trust the Church and it needs donations to spread goodness all around the world.  Porque confío en la Iglesia y ella necesita donaciones para repartir bondad por todo el mundo.  Because my grandmother taught me to give according to my possibilities.  Porque mi abuelita me enseñó a dar de acuerdo a mis posibilidades.

Yenori Forsyth|St. George Parish
Posted 4:05 PM Sep 29

I feel that in a very small way I can help others who are in need and I believe in the diverse services that the program provides aid to.

Claire Gaylord|St. Vincent de Paul Parish
Posted 8:53 PM Aug 11

I give to DDD each year because I am so grateful to God for the gift of faith, and for the enriching parish community I was given when I was called back to the church.  In this mission diocese, I hope everyone has the same opportunities to explore their faith and practice their faith as I did in Park City.  I have been given much. I want to joyfully and lovingly give back to God through opportunities like this.  And I pray for all of us, especially our shepherds who faithfully guide us each day.

Mary Gesicki|St. Mary of the Assumption Parish
Posted 5:48 PM Aug 3

We contributed to the DDD because we are so blessed.

The Lord is amazing and we want to give back and thank him.

Maggie and Jim Lancy|St. George Parish
Posted 9:37 AM Apr 20

The World today needs faith and spiritualism. THe Parish is one of the key motor in promoting faith and guiding us to the Lord. Giving to the Parish is contributing to the spiritual development of the christian community in particular and the public in general!

William NANA FABU|St. Francis Xavier Parish
Posted 7:31 PM Apr 11

We give to the DDD to share what we have for the many ministries that it helps. To share in a small way some of the many programs we have received over the years, knowing that by helping  the Catholic Church we will help fill the needs of the state of Utah.

FRANK CAROLE BERNAL|St. Joseph Parish - Ogden
Posted 11:41 PM Apr 6
I give because there are others who have so much less than I do.
Juanita Miller|Notre Dame de Lourdes Parish
Posted 4:29 PM Apr 6

We give to help support all the important and wonderful programs provided by the Catholic Church in Utah and elsewhere. 

When asked to serve or support I always try to remember a quote by a notable whose name excapes me:

"If not me, then who and if not now, when?"

It quells the feeble excuses that immediately come to mind when asked to do something.


Michael, Rise, Devin Turner|St. John the Baptist Parish
Posted 11:20 AM Mar 26

I give because it supports our Diocese.  I really enjoy Rev Msgr Bircumshaw and Deacon Flaim who are the best "team" I have ever seen.  I love them.  As I understand it, part of this funding goes towards their continued training. It is a priviledge for me to support our Catholic Diocese.

Mark H. Bryant|St. Ann Parish
Posted 11:13 AM Mar 25

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light. The Catholic Church best promotes, protects and defends Jesus, Our Lord.  That's why we give to the DDD.

Jack and Taffy Hale|St. Vincent de Paul Parish
Posted 10:37 PM Mar 24

I give because the DDD helps to educate Deacons that are sorely needed here in southernmost Utah.  Without their help and care here in the mission parish of St. Christopher's in Kanab, we would really be hurting.  We need more help to keep our Catholic services, our rituals, our holy days alive and celebrated on the right day.  God bless those who serve the Catholic community.  

Lenny Domyan|St. Christopher Parish
Posted 4:22 PM Mar 22

I give because God gave me this wonderful new beginning when he sent me my wonderful husband 12 years ago. I would not have the peace in my heart that I have now. I talk to God daily as He brings me peace of mind when I can't understand why things happen the way they do. He brought me my crazy wonderful father in law to teach me all about the Catholic Church and what it stands for. We give because we want others to be able to know the wonderful life he has given us. We want to pass on how God can enrich your life and bring happiness to you.

Mike & Dana Doro|St. Ann Parish
Posted 1:10 PM Mar 21

I give in support of the great things Father Andrew has brought to the parish and J.E. Cosgriff School.  He is amazing with the kids and makes everyone feel part of a great community.  He is a real blessing!

Linda Holyoak|St. Ambrose Parish
Posted 4:13 PM Mar 19

We give to the DDD because we love our community. St. Ambrose and Father Andrzej are an integral part of our lives. Our kids go to school at Cosgriff and we worship at St. Ambrose. Our community is a place where our kids feel safe and happy and that everyone knows their names. Father Andrzej is not only a teacher and guide, he is also our friend. There is nothing better than to feel that we are raising our kids in a place that helps guide them spiritually as well as educationally. As a bonus, it's a pretty fun place to be.

Robin & Buff Harmston|St. Ambrose Parish
Posted 12:34 PM Mar 18

You have to give to receive I have learned over the years. I know the money is well to do for us and others. Thank you BISHOP and PRIEST, SISTERS, DEACONS, ETC. for giving 100% for our mission with JESUS CHRIST. May our LORD and SAVIOR CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND US ALL.  AMEN

Larry & Maria Martinez|St. Patrick Parish - SLC
Posted 10:33 AM Mar 17

I give because I so appreciate Father Andrew.  He gives so freely of his time in so many important ways, that I felt compelled to increase the amount I pledge to DDD.  First and foremost, Father Andrew provides an inspiring example of how to live one's faith: with dedication, compassion, and humor.  Second, Father Andrew is an active presence in our school: JE Cosgriff.  The children are thrilled to interact regularly with a working priest who is interested in them as important members of the parish. Many thanks to Bishop Wester for sending him to us!  We are blessed!

Kathleen Brown|St. Ambrose Parish
Posted 7:58 PM Mar 16

My husband converted to Catholicism and he has always been so generous to our parish and the Catholic Church.  His previous affiliation demanded much more financial support and the Catholic Church has always been open and only asked members of voluntary/generous support.  We can't help with our time, therefore, we can use our financial support to help the church and support those who give so much of their love, time and credentials to help our diocese. God Bless to all.

Lan & Si Ngu|Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish
Posted 12:21 AM Mar 16

I donate to the DDD because of our Pastor, Father Robert Moriarty.   We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful priest.   Had it not been for the DDD paying for his seminary when he went through, we wouldn't have him around and I can't imagine our parish without him.

Saint Francis Xavier Parishioner|St. Francis Xavier Parish
Posted 1:28 AM Mar 14

Simplemente porque Dios nos ha dado tanto y nosotros debemos agradecerle de alguna manera y esta una muy buena forma de hacerlo...por el Desarrollo Diocesano de Salt Lake City...Que Dios los bendiga!!!

G. Renzo Gazani Y.|Sts. Peter & Paul Parish
Posted 11:51 PM Mar 8

I lost my husband about 2 years ago and Father Andrzej and Deacon George Reade with their inspirational homilies lifted me up from my grief and drew me much closer to God with acceptance. Father Andrzej cares so much for his parishioners and shows it. He works hard and is exemplary. That's why I gave to DDD this year to support him and Bishop Wester to be able to recruit more Father Andrzej's to the Diocese. May our Lord continue to Bless you, Love you,and keep you all in good health. Thank you Bishop Wester for taking good care of all of us but most of all for taking good care of the Pilipino Community!! God Bless!

Leticia Azarcon|St. Ambrose Parish
Posted 1:00 PM Mar 3

"God loves a cheerful giver" and it just isn't very hard to give to Him who teaches me how to love my enemy, who teaches me how to forgive, who teaches me how to love and be a good person.  Have I perfected those things yet?  Heck no!  But I keep trying and He is good enough to keep helping me.

He has also given me a wonderful family and I am lucky enough to be a parishoner of St. Ambrose.  We have a terrific Bible Study group and I am involved in the Refugee Resettlement Program.  St. Ambrose's pastor, Father Andrzej Skrzypiec, is absolutely outstanding and he is such an extraordinary man we all tell each other how lucky we are that he is with us.

The biggest reason I give is to help the beautiful Catholic faith grow and grow.  I hope that everyone can experience the light that it brings to the world.


Lori Reichard St. Ambrose Parish|St. Ambrose Parish
Posted 10:16 PM Mar 1

We give because DDD funds flow to the Diocese and assist in the financing of activities that a Parish could not perform. The educational and charitable works supported are a vital part of our faith as members of the greater Church, the Diocese and Catholic Church. In particular, we have supported all drives for funds for vocations that is a key part of insuring that our faith will continue to grow and thrive. The DDD supports Seminarians and has produced wonderful results. The long history of the DDD is filled with achievements not possible through any Parish entity. I wish we could give more.


Wilson and Dorothy Thomas|St. Francis of Assisi Parish
Posted 4:23 PM Mar 1
Giving to the DDD is a wonderful opportunity for me to say thank you to God for the many blessings He continually gives to my family and to me.
Kathleen W|St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish
Posted 12:57 PM Feb 28

I feel it is my duty as a responsible citizen to give for those who are unable to give.

Gloria M|St. Ann Parish
Posted 12:55 PM Feb 28

guilt? no. duty yes. the diocese needs as much cash aka capitol as possible. this is to grow new ministries and to maintain and improve existing ones. we need to continue to grow more permanent deacons and vocations. all these things alone merit our voluntary tithing to the ddd. may God bless us all and prosper our diocese in 2011!

john asson|St. Vincent de Paul Parish
Posted 12:32 PM Feb 28

My husband and I give because we love God. We both believe the programs provided are what our Catholic church can do to better the lives of those in need.  We hope to be a part of what makes our church family, and our faith, grow stronger.  This is a great opportunity, especially in these hard times.  Peace of the Lord be with you!

James and Kristi Dudleston|St. Ann Parish
Posted 5:15 PM Feb 26

In one of his recent homilies, our Pastor Fr. Cummins described how we can use the principle of J-O-Y to help us live out the priorities of our faith.  J represents Jesus; O represents others; and Y stands for yourself. By giving to the DDD, we are able to truly follow these priorities and make them a reality for our Catholic church in Utah.

Mr and Mrs Brian Rague|St. Florence Mission
Posted 9:28 PM Feb 19

I am most inspired to give in support of the missions.  I can't imagine the chorus of joy that echoes throughout Heaven for every person who is newly baptised into our Lord.  And all the more so each time one of His children receives the Eucharist.  I hope that some day all of the missions will have their own full time priest.  God Bless!

Adam Barb|Holy Family Parish
Posted 7:41 PM Feb 18

We are members of Saint Paul Catholic Center and hope our prayers and contributions will some day bring us a Priest.  Father Martin and Father Tai from Saint George Catholic Church have urged us to donate so we can provide funds to recruit and educate more Priests.  DDD provides for many programs through Bishop Wester's leadership. It is a privilege to donate and support the annual drive!

Earl and Mickie Bond|St. Paul Catholic Center
Posted 2:20 PM Feb 15

Our Gift to the Salt Lake Diocese through the DDD is intended to help provide the necessary support and resources for Bishop Wester to accomplish his good works in our communities. 

Ken and Laura Kelter|St. John the Baptist Parish
Posted 3:24 PM Feb 14

I give because it is the right thing to do.  It is the Christian way to take care of the community in all of its needs to the best of one's ability.  "To whom much is given, much is expected." Giving to the DDD drive is one expression of a faith trying to be fully lived.  The contribution goes much farther over many agencies and I truly believe this is an effective way to reach God's people who are in need.

Sharon Butler|St. Vincent de Paul Parish
Posted 12:55 PM Feb 13

Our Lord has blessed us with good health, kept us out of harms way, and has provided us the courage and will power to give funds for the poor (especially the children) and the religious.  God Bless You.

Alvin Joseph Jellema|Holy Family Parish
Posted 1:00 PM Feb 8

We give so the church has the funds to act as the Body of Christ in caring for the needy.  

Michael & Paula Smith|St. Rose of Lima Parish
Posted 2:30 PM Feb 7

Our church is a mission church and, without the help of the DDD, we would have had to close our doors a long time ago.

I recently read that God cannot be outdone in generosity and I find that very true in my own life.  He has given me so much more than I have given Him.

Judy Krouskop|St. Joseph Parish - Monticello
Posted 4:43 PM Feb 6

I have been giving to the DDD since the beginning, I remember the first year it started I belonged  St. Josephs in Ogden. We all started out in the morning in our own cars with a list and hit all listed and non listed parishiners in the Ogden area. It really made me feel good and I remember going into households that you knew they really could not afford to give much but they did even though it was a sacrifice to do so. 

Ray Bertoldi Sr.|St. Rose of Lima Parish
Posted 3:09 PM Feb 6

We give to help sustain all the good works of the Diocese; and especially to help Christ the King clergy minister to Missions they're responsible for.

Tim and Denise Richards|Christ the King Parish
Posted 5:43 PM Jan 29

We didn't have to ponder long on "why we give" . . .  we give to give back.  God has blessed us abundantly . . . with our faith, our family, our friends, and our parish community at St. Olaf's.  We are grateful to God, and we give back to God by giving to the needs of his people.  One of the best ways we have found to do this is through our donation to the Diocesan Development Drive. 

Ralph and Kathy Carson|St. Olaf Parish
Posted 11:32 PM Jan 27

When I first married in 1957, I started putting envelopes in the collection. We were financially challenged, but I always felt that if I gave what I could to our Lord, He would help me find a way to keep things paid. We both worked to support our family. We were able to put three children all the way through school (Catholic) and a 4th for 8 years. He wanted to play football, so we let him as long as he kept his grades up and went to Catechism. When the DDD came along, Jim and I felt an obligation to support those programs as well. It was our way of protecting the church and helping her grow in Utah. I still feel that obligation. Not that I am alone, God has helped me to find ways to supplement my retirement (big job for Him). God bless you and all you do.

Carol Ann Imhoff|Holy Family Parish
Posted 5:43 PM Jan 10

I want to say thank you to the priests. When you give, the money seems to increase in your own income. True happiness comes from within by doing the right thing.

Colleen Carter|St. Patrick Parish - SLC
Posted 4:10 PM Jan 4

Our belief leads us to give what we can, when we can. We are driven through the love of Christ and the hope that our beliefs are spread through the gift of giving.

Denny and Patricia Valberg|St. James the Just Parish
Posted 4:09 PM Jan 4